GNC Calcium Citrate 1000mg 120 Tablets ( free delivery )

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  • ✓ MOST ABSORBABLE & BIOAVAILABLE CALCIUM: GNC Calcium Citrate features a calcium form with the highest absorbability and bioavailability than other Calcium compounds. it is efficiently and quickly absorbed in our body to get started on the nutritional fuelling of the calcium-dependent bioprocesses.
  • ✓ INCREASES BONE STRENGTH & DENSITY: GNC Calcium Citrate provides a constant supply of calcium to fortify the bone matrix for maintaining healthy density and toughness in the bones.
  • ✓ REDUCES RISKS OF BONE LOSS: GNC Calcium Citrate helps maintain healthy bone density and rigidity, which eventually lowers the risks of age-based or postmenopausal bone loss.
  • ✓ BOOSTS MUSCLE STRENGTH: GNC Calcium Citrate ensures healthy muscle contraction for building up amazing muscle strength overtime.
  • ✓ STRENGTHENS TEETH & NAILS: GNC Calcium Citrate keeps the nails strong and makes them less prone to brittleness. It also protects the teeth’s external enamel layer for warding off decay.
  • ✓ THE GNC TRUST: Since 1935, GNC has emerged as one of the global pioneering heads in the field of health and wellness with over 85 years of scientific expertise and 100+ stores globally. We at GNC are committed to help everyone lead healthier lives by maintaining ingredient transparency, truth in labeling, and high product purity to bring the best to you.


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Feel your bones getting stronger & healthier each day, thanks to the GNC Calcium Citrate. It makes up for our digestive system’s inability to undertake maximum calcium absorption, which results in our body getting much more Calcium than the usual 15-20% from our diet. How? GNC Calcium Citrate contains the most absorbable and bioavailable form of Calcium in comparison to other Calcium compounds. This form does not need stomach acid to break it down into simpler form first, and it is swiftly absorbed by our body for faster nutritional use and better results. Calcium deficiency may cause our bones to become porous, lightweight, weaker, and more fracture prone. GNC Calcium Citrate provides a healthy Calcium supply to strengthen our bones to the core, making them denser and tougher. GNC Calcium Citrate not just works on providing short-term advantages for your bones, but it also offers long-term benefits by minimizing the risks of bone loss associated with aging or postmenopause. The formula helps in proper muscle contraction without causing cramps and sore-ups. It keeps the muscles pumped up with high strength by maintaining a healthy flow of Calcium supply. In addition to leveling up bone and muscle health, GNC Calcium Citrate also strengthens teeth and nails. It helps prevent brittleness in nails and makes them less prone to breakage. The formula fortifies the external enamel layering on teeth to help protect against decay.

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