Gxn Anabolic Muscle Builder 3 kg ( Free Delivery )

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About this item 

  •  For Lean Muscle Building.
  •  30% Protein | Crea pure® | Dietary Fibers.
  •  HMB | DAA | Taurine | Ashwagandha.
  • Enhances Natural Testosterone.
  • Recovery & Strength

Product Overview

GXN Anabolic Muscle Builder is scientifically formulated to enhance natural testosterone, lean muscle mass & strength. It supports after workout recovery, prevents muscle damage during workout and enhances natural immunity.


To ensure the quality of Anabolic Muscle Builder, ingredients are tested for purity before using in this supplement. It is easy to digest and can be absorbed by the body instantly. Anabolic Muscle Builder is powered with whey protein concentrate 80%, mixed with Leucine Metabolite, D Aspartic Acid, Taurine, Ashwagandha.


Benefits of using Anabolic Muscle Builder:

          ♦ Supports Lean Muscle Mass:

It is an advanced lean muscle gaining mix formulated with whey Protein concentrate 80% & HMB (Leucine Metabolite) which is scientifically proven to spare lean muscle mass and to prevent muscle damage during workouts.

          ♦ Enhances Natural Testosterone and Immunity:

This advanced muscle-building formula includes DAA (D-Aspartic Acid) & Ashwagandha known to enhance natural testosterone in the body, which in turn helps in rapid muscle mass gain. Each serving contains 50mg of Aswagandha (Withania somnifera ), an Indian herb well known to enhance immunity.

           ♦ Supports Recovery and Strength:

Anabolic Muscle Builder contains Creapure® (a trademark of AlzChem AG, Germany) along with Taurine which provides strength during workout, It contains complex carbohydrates to support muscle recovery after workouts.

           ♦ Easy to Digest:

Fortified with pure veg digestive enzymes (Papain, Alpha Amylase, Gluco Amylase) which supports easy digestion and complete absorption of nutrients. Hence, prevents wastage of nutrients.

            ♦ Delicious Taste:

GXN Anabolic Muscle Builder is formulated with high grade imported natural and nature identical flavours (Chocolate Cake, American Ice Cream) for first in class taste.

People who can use:

This product can be used by anyone (above 18 years) who desires an attractive body in proper shape and wants to build up muscles. Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use Anabolic Muscle Builder supplement for muscle recovery and bigmuscles growth as well for general growth.


How to enjoy Anabolic Muscle Builder Supplements:

You can use this crazy muscle builder supplement with cold water, full fat milk or your favorite beverage in a shaker bottle. Moreover, to make it more delicious you can add fruits, juice or yogurt, blend it properly before use.

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